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iPhone 7 Plus Battery Replacement

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This is a high capacity, reliable battery for your iPhone 7 Plus. This iPhone 7 Plus battery packs in a supreme power efficiency conversion ratio with no annoying memory effect, allowing you to always get the most out of your charges. This battery can act as a perfect iPhone 7 Plus replacement battery or iPhone 7 Plus spare battery due to its portable, lightweight design. This iPhone 7 Plus battery is also safe due to overcharge, over-discharge and shortage protection functions. GearDo Australia’s warehouse is the best place for iPhone quality parts and accessories with competitive, wholesale prices and faster shipping than eBay, Amazon and JB Hi-Fi.

Here are some simple easy to follow instructions for replacing the battery in your iPhone 7 Plus (NOTE: doing this will compromise the waterproof seals of the phone, so keep the phone away from water after this is done):

  1. Power off your device and remove the two 5-point Pentalobe screws at the bottom of the phone near the speakers. Remove these screws using a suitable screwdriver.
  2. Secure your phones screen by applying packing tape if it is cracked or shattered, and then stick a suction cup to the part of the screen just above the home button after heating and loosening the adhesive holding the screen in place using a hairdryer. Use constant force and slowly but surely pry the screen away the phone, using a plastic opening tool or pick around the edges to assist you. Be sure during this process to make sure the screen and the black plastic bezel underneath do not separate. If this begins to happen while removing the screen from the metal clips on the phone, use the opening tool to pry the bezel off the clips.
  3. Once the clips have been removed you should be able to pull the screen off the iPhone. The screen will still be attached by way of the display cable on the right side of the device, so do not put any undue pressure on the cable.
  4. Remove four tri-point Y000 screws (three 1.2mm and one 2.6 mm) to the right of the battery holding it in place.
  5. Remove the metal bracket and then gently pry open the battery connector and the two lower display cables from their sockets.
  6. Remove the threetri-point Y000 screws (one 1.3mm and two 1.0mm) next to the top right of the battery. Do not use a magnetized screwdriver here as you risk damaging the internal compass of the phone.
  7. Lift this new bracket off the phone and then use the opening tool to disconnect the front panel sensor cable from the phone. Remove the front panel from the phone completely.
  8. Remove the two Phillips screws (one 2.9mm and one 2.1mm) holding in the barometric vent to the phone under the battery and then remove the vent.
  9. Use the flat end of a spudger to disconnect the taptic engine connector from the phone, and then remove the three 1.5 mm Phillips screws to remove the taptic engine from the phone.
  10. Use a tweezerto pull the three adhesive tabs out on the bottom of the battery, the adhesive will eventually stretch and come free of the device. Use a hairdryer to heat up and loosen the adhesive if any of the strips break.
  11. Pry open the battery using a plastic card and remove the battery

Insert the new battery and reassemble the phone.

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